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The Talislantan Handbook

A fantasy role playing system and supplement designed for use with The Chronicles Of Talislanta, atlas and lexicon of the magical realm. Featuring: Over eighty different character types. A listing of over one hundred skills and special abilities in nine different fields of expertise. Listing of basic spells, minor enchantments, and magical/alchemical mixtures and substances. Lists of equipment, weapons and trade goods. Stats for creatures and beings native to the world of Talislanta. Information on determining character backgrounds, languages, currencies, chronology, cults, secret societies and magical orders. Ideas for campaign scenarios, plus a sample adventure.

Optimized PDF (23 MB) | Original PDF (57 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (254 MB)

Edition: 1st | Pages: 88 | Released: Jan, 1987 | ISBN# 0961077093

The Chronicles of Talislanta

Follow the accounts of Tamerlin. Traveler, self-styled wizard, and obscure author of ancient times as he explores the magical land of Talislanta. Discover the myriad wonders and oddities of a forgotten age including; the Dream Merchants of Phantas who sail the skies in fabulous windships bearing the most costly and exotic wares. The Maze-City of Altan, carved over centuries of time from a single mound of violet stone. The Aberrant Forest, the Sindarans, the Crimson Citadel, the Xambrian Wizard Hunters, and the many strange peoples, places, and creatures native to the world of Talislanta.

Optimized PDF (12 MB) | Original PDF (299 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (799 MB)

Edition: 1st | Pages: 120 | Released: Feb, 1987 | ISBN# 0961077042

A Naturalist’s Guide to Talislanta

A compendium of selected flora and fauna native to the magical realm of Talislanta. Compiled from the notes of Tamerlin-traveler, self-styled wizard and author of The Chronicles Of Talislanta – The Naturalist’s Guide features illustrations and descriptions for over a hundred different creatures and beings, including: Ahazu, Exomorphs, Gnomekin, Monoliths, Sardonicus, Snipes, Vorls, Mandragores, Shadow Wizards, Nightstalkers, Werebeasts, and many, many more… With a separate section for fantasy role-players featuring game statistics and additional information.

Optimized PDF (62 MB) | Original PDF (99 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (398 MB)

Edition: 1st | Pages: 120 | Released: Sep, 1987 | ISBN# 0961077034

Talislanta Sorcerer’s Guide

The Sorcerer’s Guide is an invaluable aid to the aspiring Magician. Within the pages of this book are contained the secrets of Talislantan magic, including: The Lyceum Arcanum, a listing of rare spells and incantations, and over a hundred different types of enchanged items, weapons, artifacts, charms, and fetishes. A listing of magical tomes and reference works, Tamerlin’s Guide to Extra-Dimensional Entities, Lists of Magical Correspondences, a dozen new character types, The Ariane Maze – City of Altan, and Cabal Magicus; a fabulous floating settlement, home to the Phantasians.

Optimized PDF (41 MB) | Original PDF (73 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (165 MB)

Edition: 1st | Pages: 104 | Released: Jun, 1988 | ISBN# 0961077085

Talislanta Handbook and Campaign Guide

This is the second edition rule book. It combines the original Talislantan Handbook with material from the Sorcerer’s Guide and the Cyclopedia Talislanta. It has revised rules for combat, magic, skills, attributes, and introduces mass combat rules (which were never reprinted in another book). Features expanded listings of skills, equipment, weapons, and conveyances. Includes an annotated map of the City of Cymril and a new introductory adventure. Updates information on character backgrounds, optional combat rules, languages, currencies, and Talislantan chronology.

Optimized PDF (35.8 MB) | Original PDF (83.6 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (426 MB)

Edition: 2nd | Pages: 152 | Released: Aug, 19898 | ISBN# 0945849028

The Cyclopedia Talislanta

Within this tome you will find: detailed maps of the continent and surrounding environs, including many previously uncharted entries – A complete listing of all cities, settlements, and topographical features of note – expanded listings of flora and fauna, insects, animals, and some of the more unusual and dangerous creatures of the world. New character types, including the barbaric Mondre Khan, Gnorl Rhabdomancers, Yassan Technomancers, Orgovian Traders, and more – detailed diagrams of new Talislantan conveyances, including the Sunra dragon barque, Kharakhan war wagon, Arduan barge fort, Quan pleasure barge, and others. Plus new rules variants.

Optimized PDF (17 MB) | Original PDF (25.2 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (233 MB)

Edition: 2nd | Pages: 88 | Released: Jul, 1988 | ISBN# 0945849001

Talislanta Worldbook

This is the atlas and gazeteer of Archaeus, the strange and exotic world which serves at the setting for the Talislanta game. The Worldbook features a comprehensive overview of the Talislantan continent, incorporating revised information from the Chronicles of Talislanta and the first Cyclopedia Talislanta, plus new continental, regional, and city maps. Also contained is all-new material on the Unknown Lands including: the Midnight Realm, the Flying Island of Alcedon, the sweltering Junglelands of Draknar, the Lost Continent of Simbar, the plant kingdom of Celadon, the battle-ravaged continent Altarus, and much more.

Optimized PDF (95 MB) | Original PDF (56.6 MB)

Edition: 2nd | Pages: 183 | Released: Jul, 1990 | ISBN# 0945849214

The Talislanta Guidebook

The third edition rulebook. Twenty years have passed and the face of Talislanta has changed. The Sub-Men have been united by the mysterious Tirshata and the treasures of the Lyceum Arcanum have been revealed. This is a time of great heroes among the wreckage of a magical post-holocaust. A number of the archetypes were tweaked. The magic system received a major overhaul. The book contains over 50% new material since second edition!

Optimized PDF (37.6 MB) | Original PDF (76.8 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (162 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 344 | Released: May, 1992 | ISBN# 1880992019

Talislanta Geographica

The Talislanta Geographica is comprised of a Game Master’s Screen, a poster-sized map of the continent of Talislanta, and a 16 page booklet. The booklet includes information on ocean & wind currents, linguistic and historical information, socio-political conflicts, and 4 adventure outlines to nurture as you see fit. The map has been made available in three different sizes. Medium is recommended for simple referencing and Large is recommended for actual printing.

Optimized PDF (7.73 MB) | Original PDF (14.1 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (79.1 MB)
Map: Small (5.32 MB), Medium (26.9 MB), Large (147 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 16 | Released: Jun, 1992 | ISBN# 1880992051

Thystram’s Collectanea

Talislanta has an abundance of strange and often dangerous flora and fauna. Thystram’s Collectanea, the life work of Talislanta’s greatest naturalist, finally collects detailed descriptions of most life forms native to the continent and surrounding planes into one organized book. Supplemented by the research of various historical figures and modern scholars, all entries have been revised and updated to reflect recent discoveries. With its accurate illustrations and helpful encounter lists, Thystram’s work will prove a valuable resource to any who would travel the lands of Talislanta.

Optimized PDF (13.1 MB) | Original PDF (19.8 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 150 | Released: Jul, 1993 | ISBN# 1880992078

The Archaen Codex

Lost spells and skills, artifacts and magical treatises, tidbits of history forgotten since the days of the Archeans – these ancient secrets have now been brought to light for the first time in The Archean Codex. In this book, you will learn the origin of the Black Savants, the technomantic techniques of the Neurians, the summoning spells devised by the magician Mordante, and the nature of the ruins in which these and other wonders of Talislanta’s greatest magical era may be uncovered. So pack your research notes; the treasure hunt has begun!

Optimized PDF (19.5 MB) | Original PDF (31.8 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 180 | Released: Oct, 1992 | ISBN# 188099206X


Sarista provides both detailed background information on the Sarista and a short adventure. Details on Sarista customs, skills, equipment, and magic add flavor to this colorful race, while information on the landscape and creatures of Silvanus flushes out the Sarista homeland. A few special NPCs and a sample Sarista clan provide inspiration for your own adventures, while the short adventure included sends your PCs to investigate possible Tanasian activity in Silvanus. Whether your party is visiting the Western Lands or being visited by a Sarista caravan, you’ll find plenty of good ideas in Sarista.

Optimized PDF (8.58 MB) | Original PDF (14 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 72 | Released: Jan, 1994 | ISBN# 1880992159

Sub-Men Rising

The coming of the Tirshata heralds the end of oppression for the savage Sub-Men and could mean the end of civilization for Talislanta, as well. This campaign covers four years of intrigue, adventure, and all-out war, as the legendary Sub-Men hero known as the Tirshata returns and unites the scattered Sub-Men tribes. This book features extensive and creative cultural notes on each Sub-Men tribe, plus a detailed timeline of the war, numerous scenario hooks, and a final climactic adventure: “The Heart of the Beast.” Sub-Men Rising is for the Talislanta gamemaster looking for a long term campaign of passion and fury.

Optimized PDF (69 MB) | Original PDF (86.1 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (424 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 120 | Released: Aug, 1994 | ISBN# 1880992515


Let your players explore the mysterious Quan Empire, choose between duty and conscience, and affect the course of Talislantan history in this epic adventure of cultural clashes and military intrigue. Designed for 3 – 6 characters of 4th – 7th level (3rd edition), Quantrigue uncovers for the first time what’s really going on beneath the surface of the Quan Empire since the Kang took control on 611 N.A. So expose your players to a little Kang culture; neither they nor the empire will ever be the same!

Optimized PDF (7.28 MB) | Original PDF (11.2 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 64 | Released: Apr, 1993 | ISBN# 1880992116

The Scent of the Beast

Get involved in the rise of the Sub-Men with the first full-length adventure ever published for the Talislanta system! Designed as a starter kit, The Scent of the Beast introduces both players and GMs to the rules (3rd edition) and setting of Talislanta in a mystery adventure that samples from several different styles of play. Let your players journey to Sindar in search of a traitorous arms merchant and experience the first of a series of adventures that will take them straight to the heart of the Sub-Men uprising.

Optimized PDF (8.80 MB) | Original PDF (13.7 MB)

Edition: 3rd | Pages: 72 | Released: Aug, 1992 | ISBN# 1880992043

Talislanta Tenth Anniversary Edition

Just before Shooting Iron took over the Talislanta license, Pharos Press had almost finished printing the 10th Anniversary Edition book. It had gotten so far as to make ashcans (test prints) and a few of these made it into the hands of rabid fans. You can tell the difference between a Pharos Press ashcan printing and a Shooting Iron regular printing by the publisher’s name and by the size (5×8 vs 8.5×11). The fourth edition produced by Shooting Iron is substantially identical to this one.

Too Rare To Scan

Edition: Anniversary | Pages: 319 | Released: Never | ISBN# N/A

Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying

Talislanta is a world unlike any other. This book features The Traveler’s Guide: over 300 pages of detailed information covering the history, cultures, creatures, and geography of Talislanta. Easy-to-use Action Table system: a single adaptable mechanic for combat, spellcasting and skill use, so there’s no need to constantly refer back to the rules during play. Over 120 character archetypes – with everything a player needs to know to start adventuring in the world of Talislanta. A comprehensive Game Master’s guide helps you plan adventures and introduce players to the rich and diverse world of Talislanta. Also available is a 58 page Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Sampler that serves as a perfect introduction for any group getting started or individual unsure if Talislanta is right for them!

Optimized PDF (69 MB) | Original PDF (37.1 MB)
Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Sampler (2.88 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 504 | Released: Jan, 2001 | ISBN# 0967209706

Talislanta Menagerie

The Talislanta Menagerie brings together all of the strange and exotic creatures of Talislanta into one book. A comprehensive bestiary collected from the last 20 years of Talislanta material, from Aamanian to Zoab, over 300 creatures in all! With its strange and often dangerous flora and fauna, Talislanta provides ample material for a naturalist’s life work. Dual statted for both Talislanta 4th Edition and d20, the Talislanta Menagerie is the much-anticipated, must-have book for fans of Talislanta or those who want to add Talislanta’s unique creatures to their home campaigns.

Optimized PDF (5.61 MB) | Original PDF (12.3 MB)

Edition: 4th/d20 | Pages: 256 | Released: Jul, 2005 | ISBN# 0973692847

Codex Magicus

The definitive book of magic is here! Codex Magicus brings the critically acclaimed Talislanta magic system to life. Full of detailed magical lore from ages past and tips and tricks for playing magicians in this dangerous and unique world, the Codex Magicus is a must have for Talislanta fans. Along with detailed historical lore, players and gamemasters will love the fully detailed description of the Omniverse including Adventure Hooks for plane-spanning campaigns. As an added bonus, you asked for it and we’re giving it to you… the Astromancy Order is back by popular demand!

Optimized PDF (5.01 MB) | Original PDF (10.9 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 192 | Released: Feb, 2006 | ISBN# 0973692839

Midnight Realm

It is a grim and foreboding place of otherworldly aspect, where rivers of molten iron flow across a desolate landscape of smoldering plains, virulent swamps, and forests of pale deadwood trees. By day, a black sun casts dark shadows over the region. By night, the sun sets, and the land is lit by the wan light of distant stars, moons, and suns. Welcome to the dark side; welcome to The Darkness: An eerie twilight world inhabited by Tarteran demon hunters, Ebonite soul traders, merciless Brood reapers, and many other terrifying and mysterious denizens of the lower planes.

Optimized PDF (21.5 MB) | Original PDF (27.9 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 142 | Released: Jan, 2005 | ISBN# 0967209714

People & Places: Djaffa

Born to the saddle and the deserts of Djaffa, the Djaffar are nomads in the truest sense of the word. Building no structures of stone or wood, they live their whole lives under the sky or the folds of their tents. Life in the sands of Djaffa is not easy, but for centuries the Djaffar have endured and prospered. Now they travel to far distant lands to trade, masters of the deserts that once almost destroyed them. The Djaffar are common in many civilized lands, carrying goods far and wide in pursuit of commerce, always recognizable by their leather masks which are never removed in public.

Optimized PDF (1.79 MB) | Original PDF (6.55 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 32 | Released: May, 2006 | ISBN# 0973724943

The Northern Reaches

At long last, the Northern Reaches region of Talislanta are fully detailed in this new sourcebook for the Talislanta Fanatsy Roleplaying Game. This sourcebook covers the cold and dangerous northern areas of Talislanta including the despoiled lands of Urag, Yrmania and the Brown Hills, the Mirin Kingdom of L’Haan and the Ice Giant infested wastes of Narandu. Learn of the ancient domains of The Sinking Land and The Shadow Realm as well as the Secrets of the North. Also included are new archetypes, skills, magical orders, equipment, and a northern bestiary!

Optimized PDF (8.42 MB) | Original PDF (53.8 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 96 | Released: May, 2005 | ISBN# 0973692855

The Weight of Water

Framed for a heinous crime, the player characters must race against time to prove their innocence and save the Seven Kingdoms from disaster. With corrupt merchants, Rajan spies and the whole army of the Seven Kingdoms in their way, players will need to use all of their cunning and skill to overcome their enemies. An adventure for 3 to 5 players, The Weight of Water is the first in a new series of adventure modules for the Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This adventure is dual-statted for both the Talislanta 4th and d20 editions.

Optimized PDF (2.97 MB) | Original PDF (4.29 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 64 | Released: May, 2005 | ISBN# 0973724935

Riding the Sky: A Guide to Windships

Windsailors are a breed apart from their seagoing cousins; a fact which they never hesitate to point out to anyone within earshot. There is truth to the bravado, however, as more than one ocean sailor has found when he has set foot upon a windship for the first time. This guide brings new rules and information on one of the most loved aspects of Talislanta; the Windship. Included are the anatomy of a windship, intra-ship communications, windship combat, some famous windship designs and a new archetype. Riding the Sky is available exclusively in PDF format.

Optimized PDF (3.84 MB) | Original PDF (13.9 MB)

Edition: 4th | Pages: 25 | Released: Mar, 2006 | ISBN# 1300001039

A Player’s Guide to Talislanta

The core rules for the 5th edition contain all the basics required to play including rules for combat, magic, character creation and an overview of the lands of Talislanta. The core resolution mechanic remains unchanged from 4th edition although the magic rules have been tweaked somewhat to clean them up and bring them more in line with the vision of Tal’s creator. Select from over 30 playable races and then mix-and-match from over 70 possible Paths. Also included is Tal’s first ever, dynamic character creation system and the addition of Quirks which allow for further character customization.

Optimized PDF (12.5 MB) | Original PDF (21.2 MB)

Edition: 5th | Pages: 325 | Released: Jan, 2007 | ISBN# 0973692820

A Gamemaster’s Guide to Talislanta

A tome rife with expanded information for all Talislanta games. The Gamemaster’s Guide includes helpful tips and tricks on running a Talislanta game along with advanced and optional rules and completely detailed new races for the Talislanta player looking for something a little different. The GM’s Guide comes complete with new magic Orders, mass combat rules, vehicle combat rules, new Paths and special abilities, an expanded equipment section (including windships and other fantastic conveyances), mini adventures and over 50 new Talislantan races ready to play.

Optimized PDF (11.6 MB) | Original PDF (19.8 MB)

Edition: 5th | Pages: 258 | Released: Aug, 2007 | ISBN# 1897380003

Hotan’s History of the World

The definitive guide to the fantastic world of Talislanta, Hotan’s History of the World contains a detailed examination of the continent of Talislanta, details on the people and cultures found on Talislanta, an exhaustive listing of Talislantan locales including complete guides to many of Talislanta’s most vibrant and important cities and towns, encyclopedic entries on every major ruin, city, river and physical feature, as well as an extensive history of the Talislanta’s past from the Time Before Time through the Archaen Age and Great Disaster up to the current year of 603 N.A.

Original PDF (40.6 MB) | Optimized PDF (28.4MB)
Map Missing From Page 283
(2.18 MB)

Edition: 5th | Pages: 288 | Released: Nov, 2006 | ISBN# 1897380011

The Menagerie

All of the creatures of Talislanta from 20 years of Tal publishing. Over 250 creatures from Abominations and Aht-Ra to Zaratan and Zoab, detailed with full descriptions and game stats. Divided into multiple sections, one dealing with fauna native to Talislanta while another details the many strange (and often malevolent) extra-dimensional entities like demons, devils, elementals and others like the enigmatic Ebonites, Brood and even the fearsome Void Dragon. Also contains sections dealing specifically with Tal’s strange insect life and the bizarre and often deadly flora.

Optimized PDF (16.8 MB) | Original PDF (36 MB)

Edition: 5th | Pages: 209 | Released: Jan, 2007 | ISBN# 189738002X

In the Darkness

The Darkness… a grim and foreboding place of otherworldly aspect, where rivers of molten iron flow across a desolate landscape of smoldering plains, virulent swamps, and forests of pale deadwood trees. By day, a black sun casts dark shadows over the region. By night, the sun sets, and the land is lit by the wan light of distant stars, moons, and suns. Welcome to the dark side; welcome to The Darkness: An eerie twilight world inhabited by Tarteran demon hunters, Ebonite soul traders, merciless Brood reapers, and many other terrifying and mysterious denizens of the lower planes.

Optimized PDF (5.37 MB) | Original PDF (13.6 MB)

Edition: 5th | Pages: 160 | Released: Nov, 2005 | ISBN# 0973932384

Talislanta Cardstock Minis

By fan request, these new cardstock miniatures include over 100 creatures and races from Talislanta including the Cymrilians, Kang, Jaka, Darklings, Sindarans, Thralls, Kharakhan Giants and many, many more.

Optimized PDF (1.93 MB) | Original PDF (7.95 MB)

Edition: 5th | Pages: 13 | Released: Sep, 2005 | ISBN# 1300000726

Talislanta d20 Edition

Talislanta meets the d20 system in this new edition of the critically acclaimed Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Game. Talislanta has long been one of the most diverse and interesting settings in the roleplaying industry. Now Morrigan Press makes this setting available to players of the most popular roleplaying game in the world. Full details on Talislanta are presented. Also includes two bonuses: A bonus d20 character sheet customized for Talislanta and the first in a series of web enhancements from Morrigan Press; this one covering everyone’s favorite Talislanta bad guys: The Rajans.

Optimized PDF (7.22 MB) | Original PDF (10.5 MB)

Edition: d20 | Pages: 288 | Released: Apr, 2005 | ISBN# 0973692804

Tales of Talislanta

An original anthology of nine short stories all taking place in and around Talislanta, with a preface and introduction by SMS. Authors include SMS, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Ru Emerson, Deborah Millitello, Mark C. Sumner, and Simon Shapiro. The first story is about the origins of Tamerlin, the wizard–narrator of the Chronicles of Talislanta. To read a sentence summation of each story, check out this Amazon customer review.


Edition: WoTC | Pages: 204 | Released: Oct, 1992 | ISBN# 1880992027

Talislanta Guida del Viaggiatore

Talislanta Traveler’s Guide

There was only one book published for the Italian version, the Talislanta Guida del Viaggiatore by a company called 3d6. It was based off the 3e Talislanta rules by Wizards of the Coast. Marques recently posted a link for the archived Talislanta in Italiano website and using that, and eBay Italy, as a reference, I was able to deduce it was based off the 3e Talislanta rules. The Italian website has links to several of the old Talislanta websites that were based off the 3e rules. Also, the Italian website was last updated in 1998, which predates the release of 4e Talislanta by Shooting Iron Design.


Pages: Unknown| Type: Softcover | Released: 1997 | Publisher: 3d6

Spielerhandbuch und Leitfaden für den Spielleiter

Players Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide to the Second Edition

The German version of Talislanta is based off the 2e Talislanta rules, and three books were published for the German line. Spielerhandbuch und Leitfaden für den Spielleiter (Second Edition) is the first book and corresponds directly to English version of the 2e rules, the Talislanta Handbook and Campaign Guide (Second Edition). It was published in 1991 by a German company called Fantasywelt Verlag.


Pages: 155 | Type: Softcover | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Fantasywelt Verlag

Talislanta Die Flora und Fauna

The Flora and Fauna of Talislanta

Talislanta Die Flora und Fauna is the second book published in the German Talislanta game line. It was also published in 1991 by Fantasywelt Verlag. This book directly corresponds to the English book A Naturalist’s Guide to Talislanta.


Pages: 101 | Type: Softcover | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Fantasywelt Verlag

Die Chroniken von Talislanta

The Chronicles of Talislanta

Die Chroniken von Talislanta was the last German Talislanta book published, and it was published by Fantasywelt Verlag in 1992. This was just prior to the release of the third edition of Talislanta, The Talislanta Guidebook by Wizards of the Coast. Although this book was translated well, there seemed to be a few printing errors concerning some of the images.


Pages: 112 | Type: Softcover | Released: 1992 | Publisher: Fantasywelt Verlag

Talislanta Livre Des Règles

Talislanta Rulebook

The French edition of Talislanta still in print and active. It is based off the 4e Talislanta rules by Shooting Iron Design, and was first published in 2005. The online store for Ludopathes Éditeurs offers 28 items under their Talislanta section. They offer seven print books, a printed map of Talislanta, and a 4-panel Gamemaster’s screen. In addition to the print materials, they offer seven electronic download books, as well as nine freebies to download. They also sell a poster of a Thrall Warrior and female Muse. Lastly, they offer a limited stock (only 90!) of a Blue Aeriad 35mm figure. Of all the foreign editions of Talislanta, the French version has been the most successful. They released several items in 2009.


Pages: 349 | Type: Hardback | Released: 2005 | Publisher: Ludopathes Éditeurs

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