Help Finding A Game

I’ve been seeing questions about this topic pop up quite a bit lately; Where can I go to find other Talislanta fans, online or offline, to organize a game with?. Like most would suspect the best way to get a game going is to do some RPG based social networking. This article attempts to cover options available for doing just that both online and offline. So lets get to it;

Online Games Answer
Generally speaking, web forums are a fantastic place to find gamers who are looking for an online game. RPG specific forums (, etc…) are going to be your best bet. It is as simple as creating a thread and letting folks know exactly what you are looking for. The big distinctions you need to be aware of are the types of online games that can be had;

These are usually played in a forum or through a website dedicated to the pass time like RPOL. Usually a set of conduct is setup before hand to let players know how the game will run and under what conditions players should post. Then the game master will start posting, pausing when player input is needed, and the group plays at its leisure. These games can unfold very fast with an active group or can literally take years with a slower group. Always make sure you ask what the max allowed time between postings is. A month isn’t unheard of!

This is usually setup through a type of mailing list like a Yahoo Group and works exactly like a play-by-post game. This format usually gives the GM access to several tools that allow them more control over the entire process. Communication possibilities are generally extended (think of a Yahoo Group like a dedicated sub-forum on your favorite RPG forum, just for your PBP game) which their job easier and the game stays nice and contained on a user controlled board (unlike a forum). Games played in this format can often involve large groups of PC’s and very uncommon types of adventures or campaigns.

Virtual Game Table
These programs emulate a virtual table where all players reside. Features include robust chat, dice rollers, advanced layered image support, interactive map creation, fog of war, macro support, drawing tools, voice communication, and so much more! For an exhaustive list of both commercial and freeware VGT programs, check out this list. If you are more curious to see what six of the more popular tables look like when compared against each other, click here. Personally, MapTool and Roll20 will always be my freeware VGT’s of choice and Fantasy Grounds my commercial!

You can also check out the unofficial Talislanta Discord. You’ll find a welcoming community there where you might also find a few folks willing to join or help you set up a game.

Offline Games Answer
There are currently 12,000+ members, all with profiles that chronicle their geographical information, gaming habits, how far their willing to travel in order to game, etc… setup on a little website called There are a LOT of tools available to individuals as well as groups there. I highly recommend setting up a profile but one is not required before submitting a search of your local area. Spend some time networking here and you won’t be sorry. Not to mention the community is simply fantastic.

If you are lucky enough to live in a College town or live near a Community College, there are bound to be some form of a community postings bulletin board. Pretty much anything from job postings to local concerts to game clubs and local GM’s/players recruiting folks for a regular game night. Other places that have bulletin boards like this are community centers, book stores, libraries, and board / game / card / collectibles merchandise stores.